Saturday, April 23, 2016

Napa 2016 - Chateau Montelena

 This is the property of Chateau Montelena - the most beautiful property in Napa Valley in my opinion.  Upon exiting the car, this is the first thing we saw.
 Taking a few more steps, the building looks almost castle-like.
 A better view.
 Steps leading to the chateau.
 My wife after the climb.
 The tasting room.
 The wines were mostly reds, so I did not get a tasting myself.
 The property has been a vineyard since about 1886,  but was really put on the map after winning first place in a international contest in Paris in 1976 for their Chardonnay.

 Tasting complete, we decide to explore the property.
 I bought a new camera for this trip, a Canon SX60 HS, which has a 65x zoom.  Let's test it out.  Standing still, this is the scene with no zoom.
 Zooming in from the same spot, here is how the camera does.  Pretty amazing, and this isn't even at full zoom.  Much better than my old Canon SX20.
 Since it is spring, plants were blooming everywhere!

 My beautiful wife.
 Now a few shots of the property.

 Yes, they are alive.

 Back at the parking lot.

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