Saturday, April 23, 2016

Napa 2016 - PlumpJack

 Next, we went to PlumpJack.  We had been there before and enjoyed it, so this was our second trip.

It was still lightly raining as we approached the building.
 Inside, the party was roaring!
 On our last visit I had bought a t-shirt here that became one of my favorites.  It is out in tatters, so a side motive for coming back was to get a new t-shirt.  They had a good selection...
 A break in the rain, so I took the opportunity to step outside and get a photo.
 Cooper was still suspicious of the mechanic device I was holding...
 My wife found a few nice tops also - here she is making the purchase.

 My friend John.

 At this point, we were all starving so we stopped for a quick snack.
 The beautiful view walking back out to the car.
 Mary taking a stroll on the property.

 The shelter where we had a bite to eat.
 More views.  Just gorgeous.  And see how the rain clouds added to the atmosphere?

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