Saturday, April 23, 2016

Napa 2016 - Castello di Amorosa

 Castello di Amorosa is a castle built in 2007 in the old European style, mimicking castles from around 1300.
 We arrived mid-afternoon and had this view.
An out-building.

 My wife.
 Yours truly.
 We decided to purchase the tasting and tour.  It was fairly expensive, but worth it in our opinion.  It includes a tour of the entire building including the multi-level basement.

 There were many interesting details on the buildings.

 There were several - I don't want to say fake, how about emulated? - features on the building to make it look rebuilt over the years.  They actually looked okay and will look even better as they naturally age in the coming years.  But a room that looked particularly cheesy to me was this one.  The frescoes were of very poor quality and included a few sophomoric details.  I won't spoil what they are, you'll have to see them yourselves.

 Someone was flying a drone overhead.  If you look closely, it is visible in this shot.

 Now the business end of the property.

 This is the staging area.
 Sheep on the hill.
 A Tesla - nice touch.

 A barrel room.

Heading into the basements.  Ready?  Let's go!

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Splinesmith said...

I love this basement. Remember the Edgar Allen Poe story I was telling you about? I just found it online and gave it a quick read--it really is creepy, and if you read it you can see why I was reminded of it when you were describing this cellar to me.