Saturday, April 23, 2016

Napa 2016 - Stags Leap

 Stags Leap is a beautiful winery on a lovely day.  The sprinkles had subsided again, leaving us with fresh air and allowing us to stroll leisurely up to the building.

 From the front, the building isn't too impressive but is very nice on the inside.

  Turns out reservations are needed at Stags Leap also.  Fortunately, they had time slots available and we only had to wait about 10-15 minutes.
 My wife making good use of the wait.
 Mary and John.
 Mary, Ron, and my wife.

 This is another winery that won first place in Paris in 1976 apparently.
 Here is that famous vintage.
 Okay, a little over the top here.
 My wife and John.  He has been our friend since college days.
 Now for a little tasting.
 John enjoying the view.
 Ron pondering.

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