Saturday, April 23, 2016

Napa 2016 - Castello di Amorosa - the cellars

 I believe we were told that the basement contained several levels and that at one point we were 60 feet below ground.  It sure felt that way, as the temperature was pretty cool.
 One of the many storage rooms.

 At this point, the light coming in makes it appear that we are at or near ground level.

 But down we go, deeper and deeper.

 The tour guide volunteered to take our photo.
 What was that??

 Of the four helmets, the two on the left are authentic and several hundred years old.  The two on the right are reproductions.
 The torture room.

 Everything in this room is a reproduction, except for the large object in the center of the back wall (at least that's what I think the guide said).
 Another great photo op.
 The rooms can be rented out for dinner parties.  I think they said this room was rented out for a dinner party for 14 people the prior weekend.  They also said that the Kardashians had been there a few days prior.

 Defective bottles stored away.

 The tour ends with the wine tasting.
 Awaiting our next pour.

 Back outside, a few photos of my lovely wife before we leave. are the folks who were operating the drone!

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