Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Roku 3: Thoughts After Six Months

Time for a six month update!  We ditched cable over six months ago for a Roku 3 box, and I thought I'd give a quick overview of how it has actually worked out for us.  First,  a quick overview of what Roku 3 does in this video I shot this morning:

My original post when we bought the Roku 3 is here.  As it turns out, we really didn't buy or continue to watch a majority of the shows I listed in that post.  We found so many new shows on HuluPlus, Netflix and Amazon that we quit watching a lot of what we watched on cable!

I was pretty sure I would like Roku, but was less sure about my wife.  It took her a few months to adapt, but she is now totally on board with Roku and is glad we gave up cable.  So - what do we watch on Roku?  Here are a few examples:

Finally,  if you'd like a good overview on how to set up Roku and what exactly is included when you buy a Roku 3 box, here is a video I found on the internet:


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