Thursday, January 1, 2015

GSV World Glimpses: A Variety of Places

 Here are some random snaps I've captured while perusing Google Street View for various reasons.  I thought the layout of the Mustangs and the house were very picturesque.
 From the LA area.  I liked the way the Pomeranian appears to be holding his own leash.
 How would you like your only photo on Google Street View to be while you were waiting for the port-a-potty?
 Downtown San Diego - appears to be a line of job applicants.
 She is really decked out for this interview!
 NYC.  The Dodge truck is interesting.  Not sure why it is there or what it represents.
  But she found it interesting enough to photograph.
 A random midwestern back yard.  I thought it looked very relaxing with interestingly shaped chairs.
 Green!  Look at the placement of her hands - so formal!
 LA area.  Wonder what the inside of this house looks like!  I can tell you the front yard sure stands out on the street!  Even the palm tree is decorated!
Cute mama and child dachsunds.

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