Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Orange Crush

    On Sunday while it was raining, we went to Target to buy something. Troy and Teo came with us and at the checkout stand, asked if they could have a 20 oz plastic bottle Orange Crush. We bought them each one, so they could drink them once we got back to our house. Exiting the store, we walked single file in the light rain with me up front, then Teo, then Troy and then my wife. Teo and Troy were each holding their bright orange Crushes like they were gold, one hand on the ...cap, one under the base, up against their chests. The bottle(s) took up almost their entire torso. A man walking towards us to enter Target took a look at our procession, smiled ear to ear, and slightly chuckled. The boys had their prizes close at hand. It was a classic moment that'll never happen again, and he fully appreciated that. Why oh why didn't I take a photo?

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