Thursday, January 1, 2015

GSV World Glimpses: Carlisle, UK

 A close relative of mine has a fairly unusual name, so I did a Google search to find out if anyone else on the planet had the same name.  Of course, the answer came back "yes"!  In Carlisle, United Kingdom.  I found quite a bit of info on the person and even the person's photo.  It did stir my curiosity about the town of Carlisle.  So I Google Street Viewed it a bit.  Here is Howard Place, a rather picturesque residential street not far from downtown.
 Another view of the same street.
I could easily see me living on this street.  Except for the lack of decent garage space, that is.
 On the major street, A7, going through Carlisle I cam across this interesting little Citroen.
 I love the windshield going waaay up into the roofline.  Why don't we have interesting features such as this here in the States?
 So I looked it up - it appears to be a Citroen C3 Euro Vision.  The Zenith panoramic windscreen (windshield to us yanks) is an option.  At least, it isn't shown on the base model.
 A fairly typical row of shops on the A7 in Carlisle.
 Not far from Howard Place is an alley I took a liking to.  The textures, angles, and age of the homes is appealing. I can just imagine and alley cat sauntering along rubbing his tail along the bricks while the "Stray Cat Strut" plays in the background.
This is turning the camera and looking up the alley in the other direction.  Interestingly,  the Google Street View car went up the alleyway and collected images along its entirety!  Must have looked appealing to them, too.

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