Saturday, May 14, 2016

NYC 2016: Statue of Liberty

 Let's go see Lady Liberty!  On the boat, here is a view of New Jersey.
 Another view of New Jersey.
 The words on the side of this little canoe appear to say "American Star".  I haven't looked it up to see what this boat is.
 Ellis Island.  We ran out of time to visit it.  Maybe next time.
 Fishermen proudly holding up their catch for us to see.  The man in the background is actually bending down to pick up a second fish, equally as big.  Unfortunately I was busy waving back and didn't get a photo of both of the fish together.
 And there she is.
 Forgive the off-centeredness.  The boat she was a rockin'.

 This is what the interior of the boat looked like.  On the trip out to the statue, most everyone else sat up top.  On the trip back, it was sardines down here!  Everyone had figured out that up top was too cold and windy, apparently.
 Now some shots of Liberty Island.
 And all the tourists.
 My beautiful, wind blown wife.

 The least I could have done is smiled!

 I love this photo.

 At the top of the pedestal.  That is as far up as we could go...we bought tix a month in advance and already the tix for going up in the statue itself were sold out.  It looked to me like we would have needed to buy then 6 months in advance to get them.  A word to the wise...
 A beautiful view of NYC from the top of the pedestal.  We were lucky - it was a gorgeous day.
 New Jersey.
 Now let's go through the museum.  Here are photos of a few of the exhibits (not anywhere near all of the exhibits).

 How did they make the statue?  By hammering copper over wooden molds.
 Then adding straps for strength.
 Photo from the 1880s, during original creation.
 Original straps, that have now been replaced with steel straps.
 Who designed the infrastructure?  You'll recognize the name!! Eiffel!
 The original engineer died before completing his design, which was quite different.
 The statue during construction.

 My wife with the original torch.  A great photo of her.

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