Saturday, May 14, 2016

NYC 2016: Central Park and the Met

 On Friday, we decided to visit Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It was a little misty that day, so we dressed appropriately.  An art museum is an excellent choice for a moist day.
 The mist became a little heavier for a moment, so up went the hood!
 A view of central Manhattan from Central Park.
 Another shot of the same view.
 Turning the camera a little right.
 A close-up. There are many more photos of Central Park in Appendix B.
 Here are a few examples of displays at the Met.
 There were entire wings of things I have never seen in other museums - they had some very interesting and unique topics that are well worth a trip to the Met, even if you've been to other fine museums such as the Louvre.
 Central and South American art was also well represented.

African and Polynesian art had spectacular displays.

There is so much to see here we only covered the first floor during this visit.  For a few more examples of what we saw (but still only a fraction of what we laid eyes on!) please see Appendix C.

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