Saturday, May 14, 2016

NYC 2016: Lennon Sites

Having visited many Beatles sites in Liverpool a few years back, we decided we had to continue that theme by visiting The Dakota while in NYC.  It is sort of like Ground Zero for Beatles fans.  Luckily our Big Bus tour went right by it, where we discovered it was covered in scaffolding right now!  Here is a peek at a corner that escaped the scaffolding.
 Also, the entrance corridor for residents.  If I'm not mistaken, this is the corridor where John Lennon died.
 And the rest of the building, covered in scaffolding.  Grrr!  We had planned on coming back to take photos out front, but skipped that after discovering the scaffolding.
 However, we lucked out in that the Big Bus tour guide mentioned that Lennon hung out at Smith's Bar, which was a couple of blocks from our hotel!  So we scampered on over.   Here is my wife having her mid-afternoon wine at Smith's.  Aren't vacations grand?
 Me at the same bar, same time.  Excuse me, this seat taken?
 I discovered on my cell phone that the reason John Lennon likely hung out at Smith's was that he and Yoko recorded the "Double Fantasy" album a block or so away at the Hit Factory on 48th Street.   So we finished our drink and scampered on over to 48th Street...
 Approaching the building...
 The Hit Factory was on the 6th floor of this building.  Another music company resides there now.

My wife with the building in the background.
 Looking down the block while standing out front.
This arts school is a few doors down.  I wonder if this influenced John's choice of a recording studio, as this building reminded me a lot of the performing arts school that John attended in Liverpool.

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