Sunday, August 30, 2015

Vacation 2015 - Lotusland: Shade Palm Garden

 To tell you the truth, my record-keeping is rather messy in this area.  I'm not sure which of these photos is from the Shade Palm area, and which are from the main path.  Maybe it really doesn't matter.
 In any case, these are some very beautiful settings of palms from several areas of Lotusland.  Enjoy.

 Gana saw blue glass fragments one day and researched where they came from.  It came from the Arrowhead Spring Water company, she discovered.  The glass you see lining the pathways is left over glass from their kiln firings.
 She was so enamored with it she bought a train car full of it.  Pieces are still for sale in the gift shop.

 Getting ready to leave the palms for another area.
The photos in this post are from various areas of Lotusland, but some are from the Shade Palm Garden at number 18.

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