Sunday, August 30, 2015

Vacation 2015 - Lotusland : Introduction

 We decided to visit Montecito to tour Lotusland, so we left Topanga Canyon bright & early and arrived in Montecito at about 9 AM.
 We ate a light breakfast on the main thoroughfare.
 It was getting pretty warm already.
 Lotusland offers tours at 10 AM and 1:30 PM.  They limit the number of visitors, so you must make a reservation in advance.  Our tour guide started our 2-hour tour at this arbor.
These are Agave Attenuata plants, also known as Lion's Tail, Fox Tail, and Swan's Neck plants.  They like shade.  After seeing them at Lotusland, we noticed there are a number of them outside our local IHOP also!.
 A main path through the gardens.
 Shall we start our tour?  The woman in the blue shorts is our tour guide.  There were 8 people in our group.
Here is a map of Lotusland, in case you want to follow along.  I'm not going to post in the order we saw each garden.  Instead, I'll be posting my favorite or the gardens I took the best photos of first.  Let's go!

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