Sunday, August 30, 2015

Vacation 2015 - Lotusland : Cycad Garden

 Cycads are some of the oldest plants surviving on earth, dating back to the age of the dinosaurs.  Their age is evident in that come sexed - there are male and female plants, unlike more modern plants.
 A koi pond in the Cycad Garden.
 Perched above the koi pond are the "Three Bachelors" - three male Encephalartos Woodii cycads.  No females exist of this species and only clippings propagate the plantings at this point.
 It is often called the Million Dollar Garden because Ganna sold a million dollars worth of her jewelry to create it.
 A photograph to show the astounding size of the plants in this collection.
 A plant with a male cone.
These photos are from area 25 on this map.

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