Sunday, August 9, 2015

Escondido Auto Show

 Our son invited us down to the Escondido Auto Show that happens every Friday evening during the summer.  Lots of great cars this weekend!
 Never saw a Hurst Challenger before, but it is gorgeous!  Perfectly executed.
 A street rod.
 This orange paint just glowed.
 1959 Cadillac.

 Photos don't do this Corvette justice - the silver was stunning.

 Beautiful mid 60s Chevrolet.
 Rat Rod!  Look at the young man stretching to get a good look.  The next generation of car guys is coming along!

 Love the skull shifter.

 Very very clean 67-68 Mustang.
 Mint green was the perfect fit for this 1968 Impala.

Cream/Black is the best color combination on the 1967 Chevelle SS.  I still remember a Valerie Coble in high school who had one just like this - same wheels and everything if I'm not mistaken.

 1969 Pontiac Firebird.

 Pontiac hood ornament.

 Very very clean.  Loved it!

 Not typically a Lexus fan, but this one has very nice lines.  I'd choose something other than orange, though.

 1974ish Nova.  Paint is extremely well done.

 This made me laugh...on a Challenger.
 I'm doubting the color in the side strip is stock.  Whoever decided to put it there has an excellent eye for color.

 One of my favorite Cadillac body styles of all time.

 Probably the best year Camaro ever (1970-71).  The stripes are subtle and the perfect touch.

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Gwen Buchanan said...

Excellent car show J. Nice to see them all good as new on display!