Sunday, August 30, 2015

Vacation 2015 - Getty Villa : Arrival

 This summer, we took a simple, quick trip to central California for a few days.  We started in Malibu, at the Getty Villa.

NOTE:  If you decide to go to the Getty Villa, GET TICKETS IN ADVANCE.  Parking is very limited, so they only let you tour the Getty Villa if you sign up for a specific time in advance.  Admittance is free, but parking is $15.
 Exiting the parking garage, the first thing encountered is this map of the layout.  Since we just drove up from San Diego and it is lunch time, we found the cafeteria on the map and had lunch.
 For a Friday at noon, the cafeteria was fairly empty.  The food is good.
Here is my wife once we walked downstairs to the Villa entrance.  Ready to go in?

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