Sunday, November 9, 2014

Disneyland 2014 - Storybook Land

 I developed a theory this afternoon that the most important lesson that Disneyland teaches a child is patience.  Even though we picked an excellent day and most lines were short, a few were not that short.  The subs were long so we passed on those.  And Storybook Land was fairly long, but Troy was highly insistent we do it, so we waited.  All very patiently and it really was an okay wait.
 We could see the Matterhorn from the line.
 Interesting characters walked by.
 Alice and the Mad Hatter.
 I even discovered that Teo knows how to use maps, even after just turning 3!  Here is saying "I want to go here Grandpa!"

I looked it up.  He is pointing at the Matterhorn.  Later in the afternoon he said the same thing as we walked by the Matterhorn.  We had to explain he was too short to ride.  But apparently it is a ride we will be doing in a year or two!

 More patient waiting.

 Pointing at the teacups.

 It's almost our turn!

 I love this photo of Teo.

 And this one of Troy as we go through a tunnel.

 Teo pointed at this and said "Take a picture of that Grandpa!".

And that's how it started.  They pointed out many things and asked me to take a photo.

 Troy asking me to take a picture of...
 Teo asking me to take a photo...
 ...of this.

 And the train whizzed by.  Teo was hooked.  We had to ride the train!

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