Monday, November 24, 2014

Maserati 100: LA Auto Show

 The new Bentley Flying Spur.  Normally I would find a design like this to be a bit boring (think Audi) but somehow the proportions are just perfect, overcoming that boringness.

 Taillights on the new Escalade.  Unfortunately these two pictures don't capture their true beauty.  They have to be viewed in person to see how great they look as you move around the car.

 I think the new Colorado and Canyon are going to be winners.  Nice design.
 I didn't photograph many of the concept cars because I'm starting to find them quite boring.  This looks like a bad copy of the Alfieri.
 This was an exception.  I really liked this concept, and my camera captured the red pretty well.  Too bad this will never make it to production because it has blind spots the side of South Dakota.

 I didn't think I would like the new 2015 Charger based on photos I'd seen.  But in person - wow!  Espeically in this blue.  Great job Chrysler!

 The blue was with the Scat Pack...this is the 2015 Charger R/T.

 I think my wife checked out every storage box on the side of the Dodge trucks.  It is a very nice feature, I must say.
 Check out those pants.
 This 2015 Chrysler 300 looked awesome!  Slightly tweaked for 2015 in all the right places.

 The new red on Mazdas is awesome.  Too bad my camera really hosed it up, because this is nothing like the actual red.  But watch for it on the is spectacular.

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