Sunday, November 9, 2014

Disneyland 2014 - Sailing Ship Columbia

The Sailing Ship Columbia.  All aboard!
 This is the first time any of us went on the Sailing Ship Columbia I think and we enjoyed it.
 We seem to have this knack for picking a spot next to where the excitement is, and this ride was no exception.  They fire the cannon at the front right of the ship twice at pirates, and we were standing right next to it!  Dave saw what was coming and covered Teo's ears with his hands so it went surprisingly well.  No fear at all from Teo.
 It was the hot part of the day so both Teo and I got a little cranky, but it went away quickly and we ejoyed the slow gentle trip down the river.
 Teo pointed out the rocks in the distance.
 And now let's enjoy the ride.

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