Monday, November 24, 2014

Maserati 100: Fiat 500X at LA Auto Show

 My son and his wife are considering the Fiat 500x as their next car, so he asked me to take a few photos of it at the Los Angeles Auto Show, especially of the cargo area, and to use my wife to give the area scale.  This post is for him.
 There is a hidden compartment in the cargo area...
 ...that is about this big.
Setting our brochure bag in for demonstration purposes.
 Great taillight.
 Could you get a dog bed in there?  Probably, but I have a feeling Cooper would feel too separated from his pack.  It might hold a stroller though.  :-)
 I think the driving position would be comfortable for both Ron and Mary.
 The one thing I noticed is that the steering wheel seemed kinda small.

 My hand on the wheel.  Comfortable, but the small wheel would take some getting used to.

 The woman in the driver's seat kept hopping in and out of the car, scampering around it to see it from every angle.  Since I couldn't keep her out of the shot, I decided to start including her.  Snap!
 This thing sure looks good in red.  Especially with my wife standing beside it.  :-)

 My wife is 5 ft 1, for reference.

 This one was very popular with the crowd.
 For comparison purposes, the cargo area in a regular Fiat 500.  Quite a difference!

 This retro 500 was very nice looking.  Very feminine, would look superb with a female driving it...

 The duded up male version.  I didn't like it.
 I was surprised to see them mention "Mopar" in a Fiat display! I would have thought they would have kept those two lines well separated in advertising.
 Again, not fond of the black and red theme.
 Though I usually don't like flat paint, this one looked pretty sharp.  And the paint did not feel like it would absorb anything, my complaint with most of the dull paintjobs I've seen recently.
 Normally I'm not a fan of yellow on cars, clothes, or walls.  About the only place I like it is in women's hair.  :-)

But this Fiat 500x wore a metallic yellow that was just fantastic.

 A closeup that sort of shows the metallic aspect as best my camera could.

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