Monday, November 24, 2014

Maserati 100: Maserati booth at LA Auto Show

 Maserati had a wonderful display at the LA Auto Show, in celebration of their 100th anniversary.
 They had a private reception area for Maserati owners, complete with champagne.
 Some old ruffian with little manners or tact was giving the woman managing the entrance grief about not letting him in.  Get a life, buddy.

 They had their colors and materials on display in the reception area.
 This is the Cuoio we have on our seats.
 This is the open pore wood we have in our interior.  Brown/tan leather and open pore wood are apparently really in right now as we noticed it in many of the cars at the show.
 This used speakers to separate the reception area from the rest of the Maserati area.  They would play race car sounds that would shift across the speakers - sounded pretty awesome!
 A Ghibli in blue.  Looked great under the bright lights.
 Our first look at the newly available red interior.  It looks much better in person than in this photo - camera didn't pick up the color quite right.
 The Alfieri concept car.  This will be making it to production in a couple of years, to replace the Granturismo.

 Hopefully these taillights make it to production as they are the most eye catching feature of the car.  Some how I am doubting they'll make the cut though.

 This is the third Quattroporte ever made, all original except for a repaint.  That's the latest Quattroporte peaking around from behind.

Here is everything Maserati gave us Sunday.  Thanks Maserati, we had a great time!

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