Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hemis, Hondas, and Nissans

Now let's go deeeep into Chrysler territory. For those of you not into Mopar, stand back cuz we're about to get Hemi all over your shoes!

Forgive me for the number of photos, but they came out so great, I had a hard time figuring out which ones to leave behind. Like this one - look at all the All-American men standing there silently soaking in this beauty. Just like me. Dumbfounded by that gorgeous hunk of power.

Even the women were blown away by the sheer beauty and horsepower clearly evident in every square inch.

Oh, and the taillights. They are perfect. Thank you, father Chrysler!

I'm not normally a fan of stripes or spoilers, but they are absolute perfection here.

Absolute perfection.

Now let me wipe some of that drool off my lip, and we'll take a quick look at this black Charger. Awesome front end, and even more awesome shade of blue on that stripe.

Okay, enough of that. Back to Hemi Challengers!
Just wow. That's all I can say. A throwback to the 1970s yes, but this is done so much better than the 1970s Challengers. Very, very nice.

My wife is a big fan too and was very anxious to get a lil seat time.

I think I like the silver one above the best, but this red is a very close second.
I just loooove the agressive front end. The sunken grille, the hooded headlights. It says "don't f**k with me", and I love it.

They had an orange Challenger set up for photo ops, but we skipped that one.

I really like Nissan's Z car too. It looks especially good in red. And in white, I've noticed.

Here is the GT-R, better known by it's nickname, Godzilla. The front is very pleasing, and the exhaust note is fantastic.

The rear looks a lil awkward, but this is till the first generation of the car. I think it will take a bit of time to get the design theme down pat and worked out. I have hope.

Doesn't this just look like there should be Superman's "S" where that R is? Doesn't it?
My two boys, admiring the GT-R.

The new Civic has been severely thrashed by the car journalists. I kinda like the styling, but maybe I would understand if I drove one. They say it feels like a big step down from previous models.
I think the styling is quite pleasing, actually. Not cutting edge, but Honda never is.

You can already see the red glow from the rest of the Honda display. Hmmm. Nissan and red and blue cars (and a white Maxima I didn't show) Honda is doing a red, white, and blue theme. You don't think they are trying to subliminally tell us something do you?

The floor glowed red. There were red lights projecting down. The car was red. It felt like we walked straight into Hell.

And the Crosstour. Another Honda getting roundly panned. I'm not fond of it either, but it looked good at the auto show. Anyway, that's the show that was! Thanks to everyone who went with us!

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