Thursday, December 22, 2011

European Cars at the Auto Show

Let's take a look at what Europe brought to the auto show. Starting with this gorgeous Audi coupe...

The press seems to like this Audi 4-door fastback while soundly criticizing the BMW 4-door GT fastback. I can't quite understand it.

For some reason, I struggled to get good shots of the BMWs at the show. This is kinda nice, but also looks a little blunt.
I like the new 5 series in person, but they don't photograph nearly as well as they actually look.
The BMW roadster.

I've always been quite a fan of the VW CC. This one is very, very, very shiny!

It looks particularly good in this color with these wheels. The dash is also very nice. Just a great overall car. Well done, VW.

The New New Beetle is quite an improvement over the prior generation. They may actually sell a few to men now as it is not nearly as feminine. I participated in a study of the original new Beetle before it was released. It was obvious at that time that it was going for a certain audience...they did well with that audience, but now it is time to branch out.
The Gold is always great, though the taillights are rather bland this year. I hear tell a new Golf is just around the corner.
Does Volvo even qualify as a European car now that it is owned by a Chinese company? Oh well, I leave it here for now. Volvo even had a concept car on display. Mighty nice from this angle...
I swear I did not stretch this really does look that wide! Also looks very 1940s. This could actually be called a Studebaker.

Seats are cool...

I like the little S60, at least from the rear. I always think that this was what Honda was trying to do with the Civic 4-door...but failed.
Another good angle of it.

The new Range Rover Evoq. It's gonna be a hit, I can feel it in my bones.
Front end is just as nice.
Here is my son David checking out the glove box....something he does often at auto shows, I've noticed.

This just might be our next car. I've waited a long time for the mid-cycle refresh, and they did a wonderful job. Very nice front end.

Mmmmm. Delicious.

My wife in front of the XF. They are both gorgeous.
Slight changes in the rear: LED taillights are new, and the red now extends onto the trunklid below the chrome strip as well as above.
A slightly better angle...
Side view. Very pleasing shape.
Interior. Nav system is redone as are some of the controls.

They had a special room for the very upscale European cars...let's take a peak inside.

Here is our son Ron with his girlfriend Mary.

A Bentley Continental. Sharp, but I liked it before they tweaked the front and back better.
The Mulsanne. We were there when this car was first presented to the world at the Concours d'Elegance at Pebble Beach.


Porsche had a room of it's own. Here is my wife shortly after we entered.

I waited 4-EV-ER for a clear side shot of this car. People kept getting in the way! Finally I said screw it, your ass is gonna be in my photo. Beautiful car. Very nice what you've done to the 911, Porsche.
Classy and sporty. A very good combination.
Porsche seems to be trying to associate itself with rugged outdoor activities lately. Not sure what's up with that. This ain't a SUV.

These 500s are cute enough little cars, though I suspect they wont' sell well to males. Too bad gas prices came back down or they'd probably be selling better.

I just hope slow 500 sales don't discourage Fiat from bringing their Alpha Romeo line over to the states. That would be a shame.

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