Monday, October 18, 2010

Red Sled Turns Ten

We ordered this car, optioned just the way we wanted, on our 18th wedding anniversary. It was built Halloween day 2000, and we picked it up the day before Thanksgiving.
 On Halloween, it turns 10 years old. It will have just 39K miles at that time, and has never been driven on a rainy day. Yes, it has led a pampered life.
 We ordered the magnetic red exterior with the light gray leather interior, which is a very rare combination (almost all mag reds have tan or black interiors). Three years later when the 50th anniv Corvette came out, it featured the red/gray combination. We like to think an exec was walking through the factory the day ours was built and thought "hmmmmm...."
In any case, we have been delighted with the car and have no plans to part with it ever.
Long may you run.

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