Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Getty Villa: outdoor spaces

 There were also several nice outdoor areas at the Getty Villa.
 One one side of the museum, there was a small garden with a recreation of a fountain found in Pompeii.
 I volunteered to take a photo of another couple, and they reciprocated. It is amazing how many people have the desire to do that for us.
 But the best outdoor spaces in the Outer Peristyle, for which the Villa dei Papiri (and hence the Getty Villa) are famous.
 As we started our walk down the side of the pool, we were taken back by the beauty. As with the Villa dei Papiri in Herculaneum, the Outer Peristyle at the Getty Villa is very close to the ocean.
 A re-creation of a statue found in the Outer Peristyle at the Villa dei Papiri.
 Though they aren't shown in this photo, there were a number of people sitting nearby sketching this statue.
 At the far end of the pool, looking back at the museum. It is my understanding that the museum itself is not an exact replica of the Villa dei Papiri, partly because the ruins in Herculaneum have not been complete excavated yet.
 Here are the sketchers.
 A walkway on the opposite side of the pool.
 Even the grounds around the museum were very picturesque.

And there you have it, a quick tour of the Getty Villa. Don't worry, I've only shown you a fraction of what is there. It is still well, well worth the trip for you to go. Besides, photos can never duplicate the feeling of visiting something in person. They just can't.

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