Saturday, April 24, 2010

Drive By Shootings Part 1: Talking, Picking, and Smoking

For years, I have pondered setting up a camera in my car so that it points straight out the passenger window. With a remote control, I could snap photos of interesting drivers as I cruise down the freeway. This has come to mind because I see so many crazy characters as I while away the 30 minutes to work, and 30 minutes home.
 I haven't set up such a camera yet, but I was the passenger on a recent trip to Las Vegas with my wife. I decided to grab the camera and snap a few test photos so I could see how feasible my idea was. I mean, I need to figure out whether it will work before going through the trouble of rigging up a camera. So on Interstate 15 between approximately Ontario and Barstow, I took the photos of 75 drivers. Let me know if you find these photos interesting or boring.
 Some drivers attempt to hide covert operations such as cell phone use - a big no-no in California. Yes, dude, you are stealth. But the camera sees all!
...and dudette, if you wanna slow down traffic please do it in the slow lane, not in the #2 lane. Thanks.
 This guy was in the slow lane, and I'm not entirely sure he was on a cell, but it sure looks like it to me.
 And not even deeply tinted windows (I've lightened things up in Photoshop) can hide that finger in your nose! Yessirree Bob, we see you!
 Not positive about this one either, but Mr. Trucker could sure be searching for gold. I don't know.
And not to be forgotten is the sheer elegance of holding a filtered tobacco cylinder while cruising down the turnpike. Aaaaahhhhh, refreshment!~

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Karen Blados said...

I've enjoyed them and had a few laughs. Of course, now I'm going to be worried that everyone is photographing me as I drive. LOL