Saturday, April 24, 2010

Drive By Shootings Part 2: Interesting Driving Styles

 Here are some drivers who have some very interesting driving styles. We'll start with Mr. One Finger. I don't know about you, but driving 5000 pounds of steel (this was a big SUV) with one finger doesn't exactly make me feel comfortable.
 You have to enlarge this photo and look closely, but to my eye it looks like his glasses aren't connected over his nose and are almost dangling over his left eye. I'm hoping I'm wrong as this is a semi.
Not too radical here, but the earpod is still pretty interesting so I included it here.
 This gentleman. What exactly is he doing with his tongue on the inside of his mouth?
 Now, I would think it goes without saying but if you have to raise your chin to see over the dash, I would think you'd need to buy a different vehicle. Just a note for next time.
 Though you can't tell it because I lightened the photos, many of the photos in these posts had windows tinted so dark I couldn't see in. But through the magic of Photoshop, we can see most of these people in full color! Except for this person. This car was just a small part of the photo I took, so I used Photoshop to zoom in on the driver and lighten the photo due to the deep tinting.  Unfortunately, what I see makes me a little uncomfortable. Can you make out any facial features? (enlarge the photo). Neither can I.
 And of course if 1 finger driving of 5000 pounds makes me uncomfortable, so does 2 wrist driving of 10000 pounds. Also, the Hallwark card in the window is a nice touch.
 The couple in the foreground are A-OK, but take a look through the window at the chap in the next car. I think he's friends with Mr. One Finger.
 The Shrek Driving Position.
 And yes, we did indeed find him. Here is Joe Cool, alive and well. I included his whole car in the photo because it adds to the persona, don't you think?
And finally, one last interesting position: using your car as a hat. Maybe this guy is really 6 foot 6, I don't know. But it appears to me that if he leaned back a little bit, he wouldn't be leaving that oil stain on the headliner.

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