Saturday, April 24, 2010

Drive By Shootings Part 6: Everday Drivers

 ...And just so you don't think that everyone burning up our roadways is odd or hillarious, here are some drivers that appear to be on the normal side. Takin' care of business, getting on down the road.
 Can't really tell what this driver is doing: yawning, laughing or just bored. Passenger appears to be uninterested.
  Average Joe driving Average Car down Average Freeway.
Average Trucker driving Average Rig down Average Freeway.
 Just your Average American Couple, bored out of their skull, on their way to Vegas to do Unaverage Things.
 Another totally bored driver. At first I thought I had spotted Mickey Ears on top of the rock pile...until I realized they were actually on this dude's antenna. Obviously he has a fun, innocent side.
 Can't recall, but I would bet he's either got a utility bed or off road vehicles or motorcycles right behind him.
 Now here's a woman who looks totally content with herself and the world. In total bliss. Enlarge the photo and you'll see what I mean. The world is her oyster.
 I would kind of like to know what exactly is hanging from this man's mirror. Also note the open mirror, the rose above the visor, and the tissues tucked above the window.
 Get ready for that bachelor weekend in Vegas, boyz. The wives and kids will be waiting for you back home on Sunday evening. Smelly diapers and all.
 I'm always suspicious of people who are smiling when by themselves in the car. Either she has the radio on to an interesting conversation, or we don't wanna know.
 That's a big warning sign on that window. Either he's afraid of everything, or maybe that's a list of things he is supposed to do that day.
 Stealth black sedan complete with radar detector, to prove to any cops that I wasn't even thinking about speeding. Nope, I never speed.
 Grandpa Jones in either his Buick or his Lexus.
Aaaahhh. A trip across the desert in my vintage Mercedes station wagon, straight out of the 70s. Son, reach over there and hand me that Bee Gees 8-track.

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