Friday, October 31, 2008

Herculaneum: House of the Tailor

 After leaving the wine shop, let's continue walking towards the sea down Cardo IV. We past the House of the Carbonized Furniture, but I didn't so much as snap a photo of it for some reason. This sign is in front of the House of the Tailor (Casa del Telaio) as near as I can tell, but I have yet to verify that. A translation of the sign can be found in the comments section.
 Zooming out a little, this is what Cardo IV looks like at this point. The Central Baths are on the right, the sea straight ahead, and the Forums are behind me.
 Walking across the street and looking back at it, this is what the House of the Tailor looks like. Note that we could not go in due to the wooden gate.
 Another shot of it. It was very peaceful and there weren't many people around.
 Turning the camera left and looking back up Cardo IV, one can see the Forum in the distance.
 This shot is a random photo I took while walking. I think it portrays the warm, sunny, relaxed atmosphere of Herculaneum. It is quiet with not many tourists
 Another random shot. I think both of these were off the left side as I was walking, but I'm not positive.
Looking to the right, this is the doorway to the palaestra (open gymnaseum) which is the grassy area bordered by the bases of columns. The Central Baths are on the right side of the palaestra, just out of view. No worries, we are going there next!


Anonymous said...

The sign, your first photo on this page, is in Latin.

It reads, when translated (loosely) into modern English:

"Marcus IX. Marcus I. Dana"
Thou shalt bring forth. Perpeivvs. Private."

I don't know what "Perpeivvs" indicates, but the sign overall seems to be one naming the owner, proprietor, boss of the property, and telling the Public that it is "private", a private entrance, or property.

J said...

Thanks for the translation!

The Fossil said...

It says “This is the wall of Marcus Nonius Dama, the freedman of Marcus, private and in perpetuity.” The other side says, “This is the wall of Julia, private and in perpetuity.” maybe a private joke? 😉