Friday, June 2, 2017

Zazzle versus Spreadshirt - The Question Mark

 Welcome to another t-Shirt challenge!  I order a t-shirt from Zazzle (on the left) and a t-shirt from Spreadshirt (on the right) on the same day.   Here is what I received from each.  The only difference in the designs that I submitted was that I fattened the question mark on the pocket logo of the Spreadshirt.  The rest of the pocket logo and the entire back graphic are identical on both shirts.
 Here is how the back came out.  Zazzle on left, Spreadshirt on right.  Again, the design submitted was identical for each shirt.  Note that the Zazzle shirt came back with the graphic printed smaller.
 The Zazzle shirt came back printed on a Haynes product.
 The Spreadshirt came back printed on an American Apparel product.
 Let's take a closer look at both.  From a distance, the back of the Zazzle shirt looks great.  The Zazzle site stated the max width was 14 inches, which is what I requested.
 So does the Spreadshirt - and the graphic goes more shoulder to shoulder as I desired.  The Spreadshirt site stated the max width was 14 inches, which is what I requested.
 The question mark graphic on the left side of the back looks great on the Zazzle shirt.
 It looks just as fine on the Spreadshirt product.
 An even tighter close-up of the Zazzle shirt.
 An equally tight close-up of the Spreadshirt.
 A close-up of the Zazzle text looks great...
 ...but a close-up of the Spreadshirt text looks even better!
 The text on the front of the Zazzle shirt looks very nice...
 ...but again the text on the front of the Spreadshirt looks even better!
 Zazzle shirt martini glass and guitar I would rate as "good".
 Spreadshirt martinit glass and guitar are "great"!
 The backs of the shirts side-by-side.  Zazzle on the left, Spreadshirt on the right.
 Front of the shirts side-by-side, Zazzle on left and Spreadshirt on right.
 As we had already figured out, the 14 inch width I requested on Zazzle came back more like 11 inches.
The 14 inch width I requested from Spreadshirt came back at 13.5 inches.

In summary, for simple graphics with text I prefer the Spreadshirt - especially if the width of the graphic is important.  

You may see things differently.  Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

This was very helpful, and just what I was looking for. Thank you!

J said...

Glad I could help!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to run this test. Very helpful stuff!