Friday, June 2, 2017

Spreadshirt vs Cafepress - Patties T-Shirt Comparison

 Welcome to another t-shirt challenge!  This time we are comparing a Spreadshirt t-shirt to a Cafepress t-shirt.  Both shirts were ordered on the same day with the same design.  Let's see how they compare!

This is the pocket logo on both shirts - the Spreadshirt on the left, the Cafepress on the right.
 The Spreadshirt pocket logo came out a little bit bigger than...
 ...the Cafepress pocket logo.  Again, I used the same graphic for both submittals.
 The Spreadshirt pocket text appears to have an offset white border, almost like a shadow effect.  On the design I submitted, the white border was equal width all the way around.
 This is how it looks on he Cafepress shirt.  The white border is even all the way around, just like I ordered.
 Now let's take a look at the back of the shirts.  The size came out about the same on both.  Note the Spreadshirt shows a maximum width of 14 inches while the Cafepress site shows a maximum width of 10 inches.

This design did not go over 10 inches, so both shirts ended up similar in size.
On the Spreadshirt t-shirt, the graphic colors are more vivid, but also less accurate in my opinion.
 On the Cafepress t-shirt, the graphic colors are a bit more washed out, but also closer to the correct colors in the design I submitted I would say.
 A closeup of our favorite cowgirl on the Spreadshirt.
 Same cowgirl on the Cafepress shirt.
 Text on Spreadshirt.  Very vivid.
 Text on Cafepress.  More accurate.
 If you're curious about what the submitted design looked like, here is a sample.  I'm not uploading the entire design since someone online may swipe it.
Another sample from what was submitted.

Which t-shirt is better?  Personally I like the Cafepress shirt.  However, my wife was walking through the room as I was taking pictures of the shirts, and she picked the Spreadshirt.

You pick which you like better.


paolosub said...

Thenk you very much for this post. I am trying to choose a supplier and this accurate work is very useful for me

Scott said...

We have been using Cafe Press, and the quality is highly variable. One client has a 100% return rate on sweatshirts, and when I called cafepress they said "The buyers weren't happy with the quality so they returned them".