Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Disneyland - Toontown

 Now that we've had some lunch, let's go to Toontown!
 My beautiful wife and handsome son.  And the Disneyland train going over the overpass.

 Here's the whole gang.  Front row:  Troy and Teo.  Back row: David, Lucy, and my wife.
 We went to Mickey's house!  And what an excellent photo!  Teo even posed for the photo this time.  This was the FIRST TIME he would ever stand close enough to a character for a photo!  What progress!
 That's Mickey's house to the left of my wife.
 Teo enjoying a fun moment while Troy rode another ride.
 Lucy and Teo.
Teo really wanted some popcorn, and he polished off most of the bag during the day!

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