Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Disneyland - Paint the Night

 We found a good spot on the curb and prepared for the Paint the Night parade.  The boys had already picked out their Disneyland toy, so they had something to play with while waiting.  Here is Teo enjoying his.
 The parade is all-new since last year and I have to say I've never seen anything like it - FABULOUS!  It was so stunning that photos don't capture it at all - you must see it in person.  I think one reason it is so much better is that they converted to LED lit floats, but that certainly isn't the only reason.
 Lucy enjoying a moment with Teo.

 Before we sat down for the parade, we rode the train all the way around the park.  As the train slowed down after completing the loop, Teo asked my wife (who was sitting next to him) "Can we ride one more ride?".  I guess he knew we were almost done at the park.  My wife said sure, which one do you want?  Teo thought for a minute and said "not this one".  What an intelligent answer!  Just 48 short months ago, he was born.  And he can use the thought process well enough to give a response like that.  Kids simply amaze me.
 Troy milling about before the parade.
 Let the parade begin!

 Little Mermaid float.

 Toy Story float.

 Princess float.

 Once the parade was over, it was time for the fireworks.  Unfortunately, there were strong winds at cloud level, so they canceled the fireworks.
 So I snapped a few photos and we left.  We were all exhausted anyway.

A few movies of Paint the Night are included below.

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