Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Troy's Fifth Birthday - Chuck E. Cheese

 As a part of celebrating Troy's birthday, we took the boys to Chuck E Cheese in Vista.  Here is Teo waiting for the food to arrive.

 That plate is stiiilllll empty.
Pizza is here!  Lucy and Troy enjoying some pizza.  They also have other good food - I ordered a chicken sandwich with baked (not fried) fries which was pretty tasty.
 How about a little sugar with that pizza?
 Can I play now?
 How about now?
 Chuck makes a celebrity appearance.
 Get your hands up! Hands up! Get your hands up!

 Teo still not sure about robotic Chuck.

 Momma and her boys.

 Teo ate the entire cotton candy!  The whole thing!

 Road trip!
 Troy with is cotton candy.

Presto!  It disappeared also!  See the videos below for time spent with the games.

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