Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bates Nut Farm

 We made our annual trip to Bates Nut Farm this month.  Unfortunately so did the rest of the county because it was PACKED!  Here are Dave and Teo waiting in line for the tractor ride while Troy and I chill in the shade.

 The maze.
 No, folks aren't just randomly standing in the field.  They are still in the maze.
 Almost their turn for the tractor ride!

 All aboard!

 While I waited for them to return from the ride, I spotted this...
 ...a Ghostbusters t-shirt!  Troy and Teo are really, really into Ghostbusters right now so this caught my eye.  I found it especially interesting because Bill Murray lives just a couple of miles away.  It would have been great for him to have strolled by about now.

I took no photos of the pumpkin patch this year, because it was hot and we were all getting a little cranky by the time we made it over there.  We picked pumpkins quickly and got outta Dodge.

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