Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wedding Weekend: The City of Chico

The city of Chico is gorgeous.  Basically a college and farming town founded well over 100 years ago,  it is big enough to have things to do yet small enough to feel safe and easy to traverse.  Right after we checked into the Hotel Diamond,  we went to the Farmer's Market that happened to be going at that time.  A clown gave Troy and Teo balloons.
 They were thrilled!
 The town is clean and safe enough and feels as though it moves at a couple paces slower than San Diego.  Which is fine by us - it's nice to slow down once in awhile.
 There are even a few nice cars running around.
 For being a college town,  there are a surprising number of things for little kids to do also.  At the Chico Mall for example, there is a pretty nice play area that Teo and Troy fully utilized.
 Can I have some money, grandma?
Teo now starring in "King Kong"

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