Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Troy's First Birthday: Getting Ready For Pinata

 As the afternoon drifted on, it became time for the pinata!
 As Lucy and her family got the pinata ready, David and Troy talked to Sarah-e for a little while (I probably mis-spelled her name, sorry)

 Lucy puts the birthday hat on Troy...
 ...he loves hats! He always wears my hats when he comes to our house.
 And now we're ready. We have the pinata stick, we have the hat, the kids are anxious.
 The twins want to start!
 Troy is really too young to do much pinata-hitting, so he watches as final preparations are made.

 Lucy showing her son how it's done.

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Serge said...

You and your kid would surely have a great bonding time if he sees these great pictures when he's a bit older.