Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vegas Summer 2009

 Our annual spring Vegas trip did not happen until summer this year...we had a great time. Here we are at the Hostile Grape in the M Resort.
 Levi and Crystal getting ready to enjoy a fine Japanese dinner...
 ...and just a little farther down, here is my wife and Lexis.
 Now I have been intrigued with the Photobombing series on TheChive lately, which is no doubt what possessed me to do this mugging...or maybe it was the wine, who knows.
 Another shot of us....

And finally, atop the M Resort. The shot above is of the Vegas skyline (the strip is to the far left) and to the right is one windblown shot of the two of us. Very glad we went - it was a very fine weekend...thanks to all who joined us!

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