Sunday, March 29, 2009

Old Man Winter

Well we are finally at the point where we can start focusing on furnishing the house - we've pretty much wrapped up the remodel. My project last weekend was to strengthen the niche wall in our stairway so it could hold our new "Old Man Winter" wall sculpture. At 30 inches wide and 40 pounds, he is one heavy dude and I didn't want to worry about him falling on our head every time we came down the stairs.

Actually, I have no idea if the artist intended this to be the face of Old Man Winter or not - I just know that is what it looks like to me. And his piercing eyes now stare right at you when you're about halfway down the upper flight of stairs.

We discovered this beauty while out exploring a few Saturdays ago. The store, Column One, had several pieces we really liked so we thought about it overnight, went back the next day, and bought every piece we liked! We found great locations in our home for all of them, but Old Man Winter is so heavy that a simple wall hook would not work. So I tore out the sheet rock and installed a heavy duty bolt. I can tell you for sure that the wall art will break before the wall hook does now.

After checking with the financial arm of our household (wifey), I now know I must wait until next month to have our sheetrock guy, Dave Borders, come and patch the sheetrock for me. For now, I'll have to be happy seeing Old Man Winter peering down on us from atop his pink insulation background.

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