Sunday, March 25, 2018

Temecula Wine Tasting

 We had our first chance at wine tasting this year, so we made a trip up to Temecula.   We decided to only go to wineries we had never visited before.  Our first stop was Lumiere.
 The staff was kind enough to take our photo.
 They have a nice selection of white wines (our favorite) and red wines.  My wife liked their Sofa King Red.  Say that really fast.
 From there we went to Doffo, which has a great collection of Italian motorcycle memorabilia.
 The place was very lively and they had live music.
 The staff here volunteered to take our photo also.  They offer olive oil for sale here, and the samples were excellent so we bought some!
 On to Chapin!

 My wife picked a great weekend to go as the rains had just cleared and the hills were a beautiful green.  This is the patio at Chapin.
 Someone at Chapin recommended we try Fazeli next, so off we went!  This is a large winery that we didn't even know existed.  Apparently it has been here about 2 years.  My how things change quickly in Temecula.

 This is what we came home with.  We obviously have a preference for white wines.
 My beautiful wife at the end of a long, fun day.

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