Friday, September 8, 2017

The Toy Display

A few weeks ago we arrived at an outdoor, upscale Carlsbad mall about a half-hour early for an appointment. The boys and I decided to kill a little time by walking around the mall in the crisp morning air.  We came upon an upscale toy store that had just opened for the day, so we stepped inside the small store as the bell broke the silence to announce our presence.  

We were the first customers of the day.  The store was spotless, the shelves were stocked, and the staff didn’t really have anything else to do but watch us as we meandered.  Not in a bad way, but we were the only things visible that broke the monotony of staring at the same shelves they've stared at for week upon week.    As we walked around, I wanted to be as unobtrusive as possible.  “Don’t touch anything, just look!” I said in a hushed voice.

As added incentive, I told the boys I’d buy them each something for $10 or less.  This gave them something to do and helped give a subliminal lesson in the value of items.  As we walked down one aisle, we came upon a flat wood table display with toy wooden cars on the surface, calling out to youngsters in hopes it would entice them to coerce their parents into a purchase. 

"Look!", Teo said as he reached out for a car. 
“Don’t touch!” I whispered.
 He paused for less than a second and said “Then what are they there for?"

It impressed me that a five year old is able to use such great reasoning - I know of many an adult who aren't as good.

 I laughed and patted his shoulder,  “Great point, Teo!  Great point!"
He beamed knowing that I recognized his ability to discuss things at an adult level and his new-found ability to win a discussion with Grandpa.

A splendid morning!

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