Friday, January 1, 2016

Klyushi, Russia - Google Street View

 I did a wild Google search on the coldest city on earth - Oymyakon  in Russia - and researched it a bit.  Very interesting city (you should research it too) but it did not have a Google Street View.  So I pecked around until I found the closest city to Oymyakon with a street view, and came upon this city: Klyuchi, Russia.  So I plopped my cursor down and took a look-see.  Plop!
 Turning the camera slightly right, it appears there is a house here on this random road in Klyuchi.
 Looking across the street, another house.
 Looking the other direction up the road.  Let's go!

 First thing we come across appears to be an auto repair shop or something.
 Across the street this building.  The entrance barriers are interesting.  Apparently they don't work at all, as the car path just to the right demonstrates!
 I have no idea what the mural represents, kind of a mountain man concept I guess.
Let's keep going up the street!
 Looks like someone is walking along the road...
 ...getting closer...'s a young lady pushing something...
...a stroller!
 So we've come across a young Russian mother pushing her new child along the road.  I bet she has no idea people around the globe are watching her now.
 Let's keep going.

 An interesting building on the right side.
 Again I have no idea what the sign says, but someone has sure Boy Racered up that white van!
 In very cold regions such as this, I bet that mud room entrance is very necessary.
 Let's keep going!
 Cross walk, nice!

 Looks like some folks sitting on the right there...

 Teenagers, probably.
 My imagination says it is right after school, and they are sitting in front of their school.  Anybody read Russian?  What does the sign say?
 We've been spotted!  See the female on the right end of the bench?
 Interesting pattern on the siding of this building.
 Buildings almost look like barracks.
 Let's continue up the road!

 Beautiful de-evolution.
Satellite dish!

 Very interesting vehicle!
 Looks very military to me.

 Another home.
Nice bright blue trim.  And there you have it!  A quick trip up some random Russian road that I would have never ever have seen without Google Street View!  Took a trip and never left my house!

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