Thursday, December 3, 2015

New York City - Google Street View

 We are planning a trip to NYC, so as usual I've been doing my research on what we should do this trip.  I've been using Google Street View quite a bit to assist, and have come across some interesting shots of NYC that I thought I'd share.  I started by exploring 52nd Street to pay homage to Billy Joel and came across this woman, apparently taking photos of the Google Street View car!
 Still on 52nd Street, I came across this.  Mobile spotlights on a building???
 Those are some strong lights!
 Looks like someone is being interviewed out front (white shirt), or maybe they are shooting a TV show scene?
 Stepping back a bit, I notice they have a classic Chrysler Imperial convertible sitting right out front.
 Part of the filming crew?
 Let's look down the street.  What's this on the right?
 A 1970s Chrysler New Yorker (appropriate).
 About a 1969 Cadillac Eldorado.
 About a 1969 Lincoln Continental.
 All three of them in one shot.  I bet they are connected to the filming somehow.
 More of the crew, or a random lady on her cell?
 Let's walk down the street a bit and look back.  That's a long arm on those spotlights!
 Wow,  several 18 wheelers apparently related to the filming project.  This was a big operation!  Anyone know what was going on?
 Heading down to SOHO/Tribeca, we find the Ghostbusters fire station, all decked out for the holidays!
 Love the decorations above the door!
 Turns out, this building is once again a fire station!
 I've also read that it was closed in May 2015 in order to modernize it, including enlarging the garage door.  Seems today's fire engines are larger and heavier, so reinforcement was needed and the door needs to be enlarged.  Man, it will break my heart if they don't restore the beautiful frame around the door!
 Looks like the fire engine does just barely fit in there...
Side views of the station...

 Midtown during the holidays.

 Radio City Music Hall.
 There are several shows filming in the area.  They all seem to end with the word "Show".  The Late Show...
 The Tonight Show...
 The Daily Show.
 The New York City Library - another location in Ghostbusters!
 We plan on visiting a few jazz bars in the evenings we are there.
 The Metro Museum of Art.  Another place we plan to visit.
 Then I came across this bus...
 And became intrigued by this woman.  Notice it the first shot she seems to be laughing with someone.
 At this point, she has noticed the Google car and has become quiet.
 Love the fur hat and coat!
 Looks very Russian someone...
 We had considered visiting the Cadillac headquarters, but reading more I think they only have the top two floors, and not sure they accept visitors anyway.  This one may get crossed off.
 Yet another Ghostbusters location - the San Remo building.   Not sure there is anything to do here since it is a condo building, but it is across the street from Central Park so I guess we can at least take a gander while at CP.
 The Dakota that John Lennon owned and lived at when he passed.  I think we have to do this as a continuation of the Liverpool Beatles tour we did a few years back.
 In the SOHO/Tribeca area, I came across this blurred car.
 Why in the world would they blur it?  Who requested it?  We can see a reflection in the store windows, but it really doesn't show us much.  Does't look like anything SUV?  Kinda Explorer-ish?  Why would they blur it?

Reflection looks very much Explorer here, but the car seems to sit too low.  Very odd.  Any ideas on what this could be?

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