Saturday, October 17, 2015

My Trip To Australia

 I made a business trip to Australia last month.   I didn't have a chance to do much sight-seeing, but did snap a few photos in one of the cities I visited.   This is a photo along a main thoroughfare in Canberra.
 Another shot looking another direction.
 The view from my hotel.
 The big news in the papers during my stay was the election of a new Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.  But - what's this?  At the bottom of the front page on my first day in Australia?
 It's Ghibli ad!  What are the odds?

But yikes, look at that price!  In the US, Ghiblis start at $70K.  Converting $150K AUS to US dollars yields $105K, so that's still quite expensive, any way you look at it.
 The VW diesel scandal had just broke in the US, and it was all over the Australian papers also.
 Just outside of Melbourne.  Not sure what the yellow fields are.

 Canberra airport.
 I flew business class on Qantas.  It was a 14 hour flight from Australia to Los Angeles.
Back in San Diego!   I was trying to take a photo of the moon in the sky, but also happened to catch two count'em two Teslas.  And two Lexus SUVs stopping in the middle of a lane to unload!  The white one in the background with the tailgate up,  and the one in the foreground is just rolling to a stop, making no attempt whatsoever to get close to the curb so as not to impede traffic.  Sigh.

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