Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wine Nyet List

It seems that when I'm out shopping for wine, I run across so many that I've had before that I sometimes forget if I liked it or not.

I apparently am drawn to the label of this particular wine, sold at Total Wine along the east coast.  I've bought it twice now - the second time because I remembered having it before but not remembering if it was good or bad to my palate.

Turns out I do indeed like the taste, but the alcohol content appears to be lacking.  After the second glass, I remembered what happened the first time:  I don't feel the effect of it at all.

Usually after the second glass, I am nice and relaxed and am done for the night.  But with this wine,  I might as well have been drinking water.

So I am starting this post to remind myself next time which wines I'm not fond of and why.  I'll also start a post of wines we ARE fond of and why - but that'll have to wait until some other day.

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