Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Troy at the Fire House

 San Marcos had a plywood sign up for weeks, advertising a Fire Station open house from 10-2 one Saturday.  So we went, expecting us to be one of ten or so people walking through the garage, kicking the tires on the fire trucks.  Boy were we wrong!  Half the town showed up!  The displays were fantastic!  And one little boy (I didn't get his pic) wore a firemen's costume!  Here is Troy behind a fire truck.
 And in a fire truck...
 ...and exiting a fire truck!
 He loved the little Fire Department off-roader.
 He just beamed the whole time he was in it!
 I had to use ultra-zoom to get this shot, sorry for the shakiness.  But my wife was closer and relayed this conversation to me:
Medic:  "We use that stretcher for sick people."
Troy:  "I'm sick!!!"
 Medic:  "You are!  You wouldn't be pulling my leg, would you?"

Troy did have the sniffles that day, so I suspect someone in the family mentioned to him that he was a lil sick.  I doubt Troy was fibbing...
 The fire station.
 The demonstration on putting out a fire overwhelmed Troy a bit.
 But the coloring books were a great way to recuperate!
 Very nice, Troy!

 He may look bored here, but we had to drag him away from the display.   They were demonstrating where runoff goes after it leaves the gutter.
 And lest we forget, these folks head to emergencies when most of us are heading in the other direction...
 They had many great displays.
 And even though they weren't with us, I couldn't resist a few of the better shots that presented themselves.  Look at those smiles!
 You can't see him, but dad is at the foot of the stretcher getting ready to take a photo.
 Four happy bros!
 I had no idea San Marcos had a mobile emergency response center.  Or needed one.
 The hot dogs were great!
Thank you San Marcos.  We had a great time, and it was oh so much more than we had anticipated.  We highly recommend it the next time they have one.

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