Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Grandfather's House

The horrendous tornado in Moore, OK yesterday brought rushing back memories of 1999 when my grandfather's house was hit by the Bridge Creek F5 tornado.  His was one of only 3 houses on the street to survive.  This is the back yard.
Another view of the back yard.  Note the metal in the trees in the front and back yards.
There was a patio cover over that patio before the tornado.  Note the hole in the roof over the living room.
Right side of house - no windows!

Left side of house

Gas meter in the back yard.

Closer look at that gas meter.

This is the damage caused by the hole in the roof.

Damage caused in a guest room due to blown out window.

Front of the house after a little cleanup was done.

Looking directly across the street, his neighbor's house with him and my grandfather posing.  They were both widowers and did a lot together.
Another view of his neighbor's house.  It was torn down and rebuilt after this.
Turning the camera and looking down the street.

Looking some more.
Going to the entrance to his neighborhood, we find the Guard.

Entering the neighborhood.

Getting ready to turn left on Grandpa's street.

Looking up Grandpa's street.

Getting close to his house, just a few more houses down.

Once reconstruction started, most of the neighbors included safe rooms in their newly rebuilt homes.  Very smart.

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