Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beatles in Liverpool: The College Years

 We also visited Ye Cracke, the pub on Rice Street (near Hope) that John Lennon and his girlfriend at the time Cynthia used to frequent when they were in art school.
  Not much has changed since the Lennon days - it looks much as it did then.
The current owners are very friendly and encourage visitors, even if it is just to come in and view the memorabilia on the walls.

 This building is the Liverpool Institute. In 1953 at the age of 11, Paul McCartney was one of 4 people (out of 90) who passed the exams to gain admission. This meant the rest of his education was completed at this prestigious school, from 1953 to 1960. George Harrison also attended this school - Paul met George on the school bus. You can just catch a glimpse at the left edge of the photo of the Liverpool College of Art where John Lennon went to school. For whatever reason, I did not get a photo of it!
 In honor of their famous students, sculptures have been created out front. Both schools are located near the corner of Mount and Hope streets.
 You can see the names on some of the cases. Our Fab Four tour guide pointed out that skateboarders were doing damage to the sculpture. I pointed out we have the same problem in the states.

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Aurora Orsini said...

There's nothing like The Beatles. I'm sure those who were in college during that era had a blast. Oh, college years. Where have all the good times gone?