Monday, February 14, 2011

Troy Pics

Time for more Troy pics! About a week ago, I wandered out front with the camera to take pictures of Lucy's new car. Troy and Marcy followed me, so I took that opportunity to get a few shots of Troy.

He's out in front of our house, enjoying a 70 degree San Diego winter day.

We bought this blue parrot whistle when our boys, David and Ron, were little. You blow in one end and adjust a lever on the other end, which changes the pitch of the whistle. It is a very fun toy - but can get very annoying if done for too long.

Luckily, Troy can't blow that hard yet so he can play with it until his heart's content. One day when he's got more wind, the toy will mysteriously disappear. As it did when our boys were little. lol

My favorite photo from that day.

Troy, surveying his kingdom.

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